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Posted on April 22, 2009
STOP SCARING THE CHILDREN: I am appalled at surveys showing so many schoolchildren worried about global warming and earthly apocalypse. You would think the Twelfth Imam is lurking around each schoolyard, all wrapped up in a grass skirt and green alien mask.
This fear of global burning is not only misleading but a troublesome waste of youthful energy and happiness. It seems as if schools have been so zealous with indoctrinating about environmental doom, they’ve bred a generation of anxious youngsters. Unfortunately, a teachable moment (sun and solar cycles warm the earth) has been turned into a traumatic one (bad, bad humans cause warm weather by living a normal, modern life).  
For my generation, it was all about energy deprivation and global cooling, despite fewer clean technologies and pollution controls in the 1970s. By the year 2000, we were supposed to be riding mopeds in a hostile and frosty climate, with mandatory gas rationing. We were told to worry about colder climates, overpopulation, depletion of fossil fuels, and barren farmlands. Never happened! Seems like there has been plenty of energy since, with some price fluctuations, and the talk now is of warming, not cooling, even when we have successive winters with record cold temperatures in various parts of the globe.
LCT’s public service contribution to Earth Day is very simple: Rent a limo for the kids and relax.
We have ample evidence among operators about how children love limousines, as the following photos illustrate. Children who ride in limousines for birthday parties and school rewards outings will develop an early appreciation of comfortable, safe, classy group transportation. They will use limos for their proms, for their future weddings, and hopefully, for nights out with spouses, relatives, and friends in the adult years. Not to mention, a limo is still one of the best ways to impress a client.
And here’s the clincher: The more people you put into a limo, the less other vehicles need to be used, the less gas gets consumed, the less carbon emitted, and the cleaner the air becomes. I have a sticker up in my office that shows a green fuel pump promoting PPG (passenger miles per gallon). Now that would be a good math lesson and environmental primer for the kiddies.

So this is Earth Day, and we can all breathe easier and freer, knowing there all kinds of limos all throughout the land. And for those extra-ecologically minded clients, how about replacing one of the onboard wet bars with a row of planters and flower pots? It would be a welcome “green” diversion from all those burning thoughts on Earth Day. – M.R.


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