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Posted on April 21, 2009
ASSOCIATIONS: I have been told by quite a few companies that you are not rejoining the National Limousine Association or your local association. In my capacity at LCT, I attend many association meetings monthly and I can’t think of a better use of time. When I worked for a limousine company, I went to our local association meeting every month. I realize everyone needs to look closely and cut back, but this is one expense I just can’t see anyone cutting. 
Why be a member of a local association?
Successful associations foster good working relationships. Members get and give business to each other. When times are good, they share work with each other. 
At monthly meetings, you find out what is happening in the industry. 
You can’t be everywhere. With the eyes and ears of your fellow industry members you can stay on top of the issues that affect you most. 
There’s power in numbers. If you go at a problem alone with your local politicians you only have you and your employees as voting power. 
Local Association meetings provide education
Why be a member of the National Limousine Association?
The National Association serves as a watch dog on legislative issues that affect everyone in the industry
There is power in numbers
The National association provides educational programs for you to enrich yourself
NLA members give business to each other
Let me know if you are remaining active in the industry associations and what you get from them.

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  • Neil E. Collins

     | about 10 years ago

    Being apart of the NLA and LCT and even limo Digest is the heart and blood of the industry. Each having a direct impact on our lives. How would important information be sent to the limousine operators. Who would fight for the rights of limousine companies. Remember "WE" will always be stronger than "ME"!My motto is simple everyone! "Teams that work together grow together".

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