Flier "Fat Tax" A Gain For Limo?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 20, 2009

OBESE OPPS: Now that flier fat taxes have replaced air rage as the latest commercial airborne concern, could chauffeured companies find a widening opportunity?

 With about two thirds of the American populace considered obese, surveys increasingly show passengers favoring added fees for hefty fliers or double-seat booking. What better way to counteract the seat squeeze and pocketbook pinch for the porky set than to market chauffered vehicles to them as the before and after antidote to a stuffy flight.

There's no need to levy fat surcharges on limos, since there's plenty of room and the client controls the passenger count. And a limo certainly accommodates the horizontal types moreso than taxis, shuttles, and buses.

Possible marketing slogan: "After flying the flabby skies, a limo will make you feel lean." -- M.R. 

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