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Posted on April 17, 2009

When I was an affiliates manager, I would cringe if a key client was going into Newark International Airport.

It truly was a nightmare from delayed flights to changed gates to lost luggage. You name it. Parking was difficult, let alone finding a space. Well, I had the pleasure of picking up my daughters friend there the other night. Her flight was delayed two hours. 

Yes, I live in New Jersey, but Newark is north Jersey and I live south which is closer to Philadelphia and Atlantic City. I rarely visit Newark and I like it that way. I got to sit in terminal A for two extra hours and I got to see all of the chauffeurs in baggage waiting for their clients. If you own a company that services Newark, I challenge you to go to Newark the Tuesday before Passover and watch your chauffeurs. I counted four slumped in seats sleeping. Three had no jackets or windbreakers on. Three had their signs clipped to their ties. I actually got on the phone and called some of you to tell you I saw your chauffeur. I wish I had a camera so that you could have seen the motley crew. I was embarrassed for our industry. They all had signs and worked for companies that I had farmed business to in the past. 

Of those I called, a couple couldnt be bothered and actually told me how hard it is to get good chauffeurs. Shame on them for sending these guys out to represent their companies. Next time, I will bring the camera. There were more than 20 chauffeurs there and only four would meet the minimal standards that I would expect to see in our industry. Two truly did shine and I walked down to see what companies they were representing. They had blank signs. I asked and they told me companies that I knew were not from the area (affiliates). I gave them my card and they told me Arrow. 

Eddie, great job! These two knew the business. They never sat and were truly great representatives of your company. I would have called you also that night but I didnt have your number on me. I challenge every owner to go out and check out who you have representing you. Late at night, all bets are off. Let me know if you think I am out of line on this, but I was truly appalled and amazed.

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  • Linda Moore

     | about 10 years ago

    Yes, I do know that Newark is EWR but thank you to the 25 people who personally emailed me to let me know! LOL. Glad you are reading the posts but I wish you would get up and comment. Please no more calls asking me if it was your company I saw. I have let every company I saw know so if you didn't get a call you are off the hook. You should still go out to Newark though and see your staff. Maybe I will start a side business doing chauffeur checks at Newark. I will bring my camera. I need to write a story about companies who have field operations managers. If you do let me know and I will include you. Also, it is no longer funny to send your chauffeur out with bogus signs to pick up ficticious people. Yes Sal Vino, I do know who you are. The funniest one was Andy's ficticious name that I can't print here because it is not fit for prime time. I remember my chauffeur telling me that someone took his picture while he held a sign to pick up "Mr. Uno Imanidiot".

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