LINDA MOORE Asks: Should You Hire Greeters?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 15, 2009
MEET AND GREET STAFF: Do you get asked to provide airport meet and greet staff? When I worked in Florida, it wasnt that hard to find people to greet clients. Some were better than others and most were seniors looking to fill their days. Now that I am up north, I rarely see anyone doing greets. What do you pay your greet staff? The market in Florida dictated $15 per hour and up for greeters and more for coordinators. What do you charge your clients? I have heard that some companies charge as much as $50 per hour back to their clients. I have always found that having greet staff can save you if things start backing up. I am confused though why a company would want to gouge their clients to fund greeters, especially now that groups are smaller and less frequent.
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  • Shalaya T. Morissette

     | about 10 years ago

    Hello All!In Atlanta there are tons of rules and regulations as to where we can and can't meet our clients at the airport. It is complimentary for our clients that their chauffeur meets them right before they enter the baggage claim area but we do offer two other separate meet n' greet services.We have on-site coordinators that can assist with large groups that may be loading or unloading at the airport or any other location. This coordinator can assist with luggage, check-in and escort passengers to security (not to the gate). They are paid $25-$35 an hour, and we only tack on 10-15% based upon location and the amount of time needed.North Point is one of the few transportation companies to offer high security airport concierge service in the Atlanta area. We are able to meet our VIP clients at the gate and of course give them entrance into the Crown room etc. If someone wants this service they usually don't care about the price. We charge a lot more for it because we pay our airport concierge greeters’ a lot more. We have no choice in this matter because they are the only ones that can do this in Atlanta.What the customer wants they get! Shalaya T. MorissetteNorth Point Transportation Group, Inc. Atlanta, GA 678-935-5000

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