UH, OH. Prius Is A Limo?

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Posted on April 14, 2009
PRIUSITES: Check out the photos and descriptions of a homemade Toyota Prius limousine.
Not a fantasy stretch, either, but an actual Prius limousine. Who would have thought this was possible?
Now, we won’t need judges anymore to decide whether a Prius fits a subjective definition of a limousine. Just stretch the little chauffeured bugger-impostor out, and Presto, you have a limo! Even Judge Judy, Judge Hatchett, and Judge Marilyn Milian, the sexiest judge on TV, would all have to agree.
In ogling the Prius limo, please note the spacious, comfortable seating for four executives and all their luggage, laptops, and cell phones. And the wet bar just adds more perks and style. What group of prom couples could turn this down? Brides never had so much room to spread their gowns.
Oooooooo, you can only swoon at how the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 98 hp and the 106-inch wheelbase handles all the extra body and passenger weight while whisking down L.A.’s carpool lanes at 80 mph — fully loaded.
Say good-bye to all those Town Car, DTS, Escalade, Navigator, and Hummer stretches. Luxury and greenery have now been merged into one capacious chariot of a. . . . why, why, it’s a chauffeured miracle!
Hey, Leo, Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore, and Cameron Diaz — no more Hollywoodies folding up into little Priuses to show how much greener they are than the rest of us fossil fueled-masses.

Celebrities and chauffeured clients can now stretch out to the full greenie pose in a Prius limo. Hurry, it’s time to upgrade all those black Prius compacts. -- M.R.

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