Prom Season: Carpool Instead Of Limo?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 13, 2009
DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN: While understandable that prom-goers will want to save money this year because of the recession, operators need to be advertising, promoting, and explaining why limousines should not be part of the cuts. Orlando area teens are organizing carpools to the prom -- a troubling trend for operators who count on a revenue boost during prom season. Operators need to explain why it makes more sense to cut back on an expensive meal, an elaborate tux or dress, or pricey hotel suite after-parties instead of the safest, most comfortable, and most memorable transportation available. (Equiip your chauffeurs with digital cameras so they can take free, complimentary photos of the limo experience that can be e-mailed the next day). And limos still get to use carpool lanes. -- M.R.

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  • justme

     | about 10 years ago

    Kids are smart enough to know there are better ways to spend precious dollars then paying big bucks for a limo to sit in a parking with the chauffeur crashed out in the back or stuffing his/her face at the local greasy spoon.Times are rough, times are changing. Limo Ops need to make packages more affordable & stop jacking up pricing, treating the kids like crap & playing the old "take it or leave it limo switcharoo" game that has been in affect for too many years.Safety? Run prom night accident stats before shouting dire warnings. No stats? All scare tactic BS!

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