LINDA MOORE DARES ASK: What About The Limo Nasty?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 9, 2009
UNDER-AGE CLIENTS: It’s prom season! We are all smart. Bags in the trunk. Divider down. Prom contract — no booze or drugs. Parents cell phone numbers. Here is a new one on me. Your chauffeur calls and explains that two of the kids are in the back doing the nasty in front of all of the rest. He wants to know what to do? Are your chauffeurs babysitters? Should he be going in the back and separating the silly rabbits? If it were my kid, I sure would want him to, but parents in this industry are strange. Just because they rented a limo, they think it's okay for junior to drink, although it’s against the law. Operators have told me over the years that they have more problems with the parents than the kids. How would you handle these delicate, amorous situations?
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  • Lyndy Burnham

     | about 10 years ago

    In the case of Prom Service, Chauffeurs do indeed serve as a de facto chaperone (why else insist on keeping the divider down?). I think it is definitely an item to add to the list "Things not permitted in the car on Prom Night" which is part of many agreements / contracts. If an unwanted pregnancy occurred, or STD was spread, I am sure that some litigious parent would try to hold the limousine operator and/or chauffeur liable. Did I mention the possibility that depending on the age of some Prom or Jr. Prom attendees it could also be considered statutory rape? Just say "NO" to sex in limos (for kids).

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