YARIS HYBRID: The Next Chauffeured Car?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 2, 2009
With Toyota announcing a 2011 Yaris Hybrid, you should assume this subcompact could serve as a chauffeured vehicle as easily as a Prius.
The adoption of the compact Prius as a chauffeured vehicle pushes a new standard of “size and space doesn’t matter.” So what’s a few less inches of legroom, headroom, and wheelbase in a Yaris Hybrid? By all accounts, the Yaris Hybrid will be greener, leaner, and cheaper than a Prius.
If the pro-Prius rationale is that many corporate airport clients care more about carbon efficiency than luxury space, then the Yaris should qualify as a logical fit for livery. But operators would need to make sure the clients don’t have much luggage — or else use a complimentary rack on the roof, making the Yaris look more like a refugee mobile.
But then, if a Prius or Yaris can command livery rates, wouldn’t it be cheaper and roomier to just get a Crown Vic cab? -- M.R.

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