LINDA MOORE Debate: You're Fired!

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 2, 2009

NASTY NONSENSE: For example, you fire an employee because he or she just wasn’t cutting it. The ex-employee is now out bad mouthing you in a big way. All of a sudden you are barraged with different regulatory authorities — OSHA, Department of Labor, the city, the fire inspector -- you name it, they are just showing up. Has this vindictive scenario happened to you? What do you do?

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  • Jonathan Wilner

     | about 10 years ago

    Well my first response is do I know for a fact that it was this person that I let go? Everyone that is hired here signs a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from talking about anything that we do not advertise and in the event that it is discovered that they do is punishable. My second is that I know that we are in compliance with OSHA, Fire & Health inspectors as well as the Department of labor so I am not worried about that. Lastly when this happens and I can t remember the last time it did we would just deal with it and remember where it is coming from.

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