Private Jet Like Chauffeured Car?

LCT Magazine
Posted on April 2, 2009
BOTH SAVE TIME AND ADD VALUE: Recent findings suggest the private charter jet industry's best days are still to come, and when compared to first class and business class commercial travel, such travel actually makes more sense for executives and corporate clients. While the Big Three auto executives bungled the industry's image in November -- if you come hat in hand to middle class taxpayers, don't show up in a jet or limo for that matter -- the industry can easily move past that image and present the correct one. As this article shows, the messages about charter jets can be applied to chauffeured and chartered vehicles as well. It's all about the time-saving, practical value. -- M.R.  

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  • Jason @ Broadway Elite CSW

     | about 10 years ago

    The private jet business is off better than 40% right now. Those privileged enough to fly private are shying away from chartering jets because they feel that despite having the means to continue to fly private, they don't want to be perceived by employees, co-workers, friends, and neighbors, as insensitive to the economic downturn. The same holds true in the limo industry. I think that there is a horrible stigma that follows the use of limos in the corporate world right now. We have seen more requests for suv's or multiple sedans to move a group that ordinarily would order a stretch, but don't want to be seen getting in or out of a stretch. While we all know that the cost factor is not a factor, it’s the perception.The private jet business will rebound as will the limousine industry. It will take some time to get the sting out, but it will be back.

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