LINDA MOORE Asks: When Do You Let The Chauffeur Go?

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 31, 2009
CHAUFFEURS — Your chauffeur has many clients who request only him. These are big spenders that will go elsewhere if they don’t get this chauffeur. When they are not using him, you put him on other jobs. Those clients complain regularly: “He miserable. He doesn’t help with the luggage. He smells funny.” You want to let him go but you can’t afford to lose the business of his regulars. You have spoken to him so often that you have had to start a second file. What’s next? Do you let him go? Do you start assigning his regulars to other premium chauffeurs and hope the client falls in love with them? Do you just take your lumps?
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  • Jason @ Broadway Elite CSW

     | about 10 years ago

    One bad apple can and will spoil the bunch. If the issues are addressed, it will be perceived by the other chauffeurs that there are no repercussions for not following company dress and hygiene standards. I would phase this chauffeur out and assign other chauffeurs to these select clients and let them taste some of the others. If he leaves the company, so be it. I have never seen chauffeur bring or take a high revenue producing client. While we don't want to lose any business now, we must all step up our standards of service and quality.

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