Does The Prius Ever Become Incontinent?

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Posted on March 26, 2009

BLADDER CONTROL: Ewwww, that's a photo of a Prius bladder. I never knew the Toyota Prius had something called a fuel bladder. But then I never knew the Prius could be called a limo either.

The bladder appears to have caused a few problems. In the zeal to reduce hybdrocarbon emissions, Toyota designed a collapsible fuel bladder that recedes as the car consumes gas. Except, the bladder wouldn't always stretch back at fill-up nor did it register correctly on the fuel gauge.

Not very Depends-able.

Now the third generation heavenly hybrid will have a GAS TANK like all other vehicles. Better to have gas problems than bladder problems?

Anyway, it must be frustrating if an operator is handling multiple runs with a Prius and can't depend on a reliable fuel range estimate. But then, again, why is the Prius a livery sedan? -- M.R.

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  • Navjeet

     | about 10 years ago

    Not everyone who needs a ride to the airport needs a "livery" vehicle either. Many residential customers simply like the idea of a car that saves them a little bit money. Corporate customers, however, may have a hard time absorbing the idea of replacing a lincoln with a prius, especially when with a client.There definitely is a niche for Prius, especially during these tough times.

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