Who Is Holding All The $$?

Jim Luff
Posted on March 25, 2009
WHERE HAS ALL THE MONEY GONE? Clients who always paid their bills on time have suddenly slipped from two weeks to two months. When called upon to ask, everyone seems to be saying the same thing. Everyone is waiting for their own customers to pay bills in order to pay bills. Meanwhile, my own phone rings with various vendors who have been placed on the back burner until I have the money to pay them.
It isn’t just our industry. It is all types of business. I had a copier repairman in my office yesterday. He told me that he has had everyone from medical offices to oil companies that are not paying him in a timely manner and running at about 60 days to pay his invoices. My mechanic who specializes in only fleet service says he is having problems getting paid from large plumbing companies to courier services that he performs work for.
I figure there must be someone up river who is holding all the money. I draw a weekly salary. It is the same salary I was getting a year ago. My adult children are making the same amount if not slightly more due to cost of living or merit raises. My salaried employees are making the same amount of money as they were last year. My parents are making the same amount. Now, I will say that some of my friends have totally lost their jobs but for the most part everyone in my circle of friends is still making the same money, working the same job, and maintaining the same lifestyle. 
In just thinking about one scenario, basically mine, I can illustrate that someone has not paid me $5,000. That means that of that $5,000 at least $4,000 would be payable to someone else such as my mechanic or my printer. That means my printer cannot pay the envelope company for the envelopes I had made. The envelope company can’t pay the shipping company they used to get the envelopes to the printer and the shipping company can’t pay their fuel bill they incurred to deliver the product and it goes on and on.
I am thinking that Bill Gates probably is stock piling the money at his house. The money has to be somewhere. It was printed and circulating last year and someone has seized it. Does anyone know where the money is?

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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