Card Check Sludge

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Posted on March 20, 2009
UNION OFFENSIVE: This latest example of union tactics shows the vicious desperation of the campaigners for card-check legislation -- one of the single worst legislative threats to businesses and the democratic ideal. Expect more to come before this fight is over. Unions have a track record of burdening and decimating the industries they infect, i.e. Detroit automakers and U.S. airlines. Don't let chauffeured transportation become one of them. -- M.R. 

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  • Susan Lundquist

     | about 10 years ago

    As Scott Solombrino noted last week at the GCLA meeting in San Francisco, this is insidious and pervasive. If it passes, every company in the USA will be at risk.This is not a benevolent group seeking to right wrongs against downtrodden workers, this is an outright attempt to extract a fee from the paychecks of every front line worker and mid-management employee in the country. Their organizers will gloss over their true agenda and trot out the perceived benefits that they claim the fat cat company owners are unfairly withholding. Anyone who resists will be condemned and summarily cast out as soon as possible.It's a remanufactured passel of the same old lies, that can only be revealed by peeling back the myriad layers of deception. Sort of like peeling an onion. Or maybe it's more like the fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs. Kill the corporate goose and there will be no more profit for the greedy little hatchet man.The market can only bear so many increases before they move on to another product that works better for less. Does anyone recall IBM's refusal to make the transition from the typewriter to office computers? Same shortsightedness.

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