Penny For Your Prius?

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 18, 2009
PRICE OF PRIUS PLUNGES: Too bad for those who ran out and bought a Prius during the $4-a-gallon gas hysteria last summer; you paid too much. Priuses and hybrids in general are languishing on lots. Meanwhile, newer, larger hybrid vehicles -- such as ones that would actually qualify as luxury livery vehicles -- are on the way as the technology and diversity improves. Most troubling is the fact that none of the hybrid vehicles lines are their own profit centers for automakers, and some operators have told us they still have to charge a premium above regular rates to clients who prefer hybrid vehicles. Nothing wrong with that as long as a livery hybrid vehicle earns a profit and serves its greenish PR purpose. But as long as gas prices remain affordable, patience and persistence for better green vehicles prove to be the prudent course. -- M.R.  

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