Green You Can Believe In?

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 11, 2009

PALE GREEN VIEWS: The American public is increasingly questioning the global warming hype, according to the latest survey results, and becoming more skeptical. Maybe it's the economy making people less stupid?

A recession tends to refocus priorities and render past "imperatives" frivolous. Tell someone facing higher taxes, a halved 401(k), plummeting home values, a shrinking business, and/or frozen or declining pay that, um, you'll just have to pony up even more $$$ to fight global warming? That's something for operators to consider before spending "green" money. An operator should make sure "green" spending decisions are subject to the same rigorous cost-benefit analysis as any other investment, capital expenditure, or supplier outlay. -- M.R.    

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  • Susan Lundquist

     | about 11 years ago

    There is not enough green $$$ coming in right now for me to even consider investing in a vehicle that requires my corporate clients to spend more of their green $$$.Although we did upgrade to a "new" 2007 stretch last year, we will not be buying any more new cars, gas or hybrid, for our fleet until non-corporate discretionary spending improves significantly. Without going hybrid, we are still doing our part to be GREEN, by using Amsoil synthetic 0W-30 oil and their EaO filters. This allows us to go up to 25,000 miles between oil changes. That reduces our waste oil production by 42 quarts per Lincoln and reduces down time. That's ECO-FRIENDLY and saves me green $$$.Another plus is that the reduced friction gives us a boast in mpg (this 5% average was huge when gas was $4.75 a gallon last summer) and reduces tailpipe emissions. We also use a bottle of Amsoil's Performance Improver every 4,000 miles, to keep our injectors clean. This also improves emissions and optimizes our mileage.We sold our 1999 Royale to an affiliate last summer when we bought our 2007 DaBryan. We keep our cars in tip top shape, but what got us top dollar was the fact that it smogged in new car range thanks to Amsoil keeping the engine and transmission in like new condition.

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