Linda Moore Debate: Deadbeat Affiliates

LCT Magazine
Posted on March 11, 2009
OPERATOR DISCUSSION: So one of your affiliates turns out to be a deadbeat operation. How do you make them pay?
Topic: Collecting from dead beat affiliates and keeping the account
You see that your receivables from an affiliate have really gotten out there. You have made numerous calls to collect and been assured “the check is in the mail." One of your chauffeurs sees a sign at the airport from the deadbeat company being held by a competitor. What do you do? How do you collect the money owed and still keep the affiliate? Do you just turn around and farm them work to "work down" the debt? What if their service is not up to your standards? What do you do about “affiliate hopping” by companies who don’t pay their bills?
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  • Joe Jordan

     | about 11 years ago

    You should be sure that the farm belongs to the NLA AND their regional/local Association. Then you have somebody to send a written complaint to. Regional Associations can legally share credit information with their members on problem clients or farms. You can also post a complaint on www.ripoffreport.comOur Houston Limo Association regularly sends out alerts on deadbeat clients and farms. Word travels fast. Joining an established affilaitenetwork can be of benefit as well. They tend to be self-policing. Get everything in writing,specifying upcharges and refund policies for service isssues. Let them know up-front that you belong to an active local Limo Association and you will put the word on the street if youget burned.

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