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Posted on March 10, 2009

LETTER FROM CANADA: Alberta operator and LCT supporter Dave Brodoway recently sent us a message on how he's applying what he learned at the International LCT Show to his operations. It's heartening to see an operator defying recessionary odds and actually gaining market share. . .

Dave Brodoway owns Executive 4Star Limousine in Lethbridge, Alberta. Pictured are Dave and his wife, Jennifer.

"We travel to the LCT show every year from Canada to see the latest and greatest in the industry. This year was the best so far for networking and we have been in contact with many of the people we met at the show. My wife and I did a lot of research into website promotion strategies, including improving search engine placement. The moment we got back from the show we started to implement what we learned and are very pleased with the results so far. Grad and wedding bookings are way up over last year. Our market share into the surrounding communities, including larger city centers such as Calgary, has really jumped. We saw a lot of interesting equipment at the show but are putting off purchases until next year in hopes of a better economy and better Canadian dollar. At this point we are hoping to hire about 4-5 part-time drivers to help cover the increase in business. In late 2008, we bought our 30-passenger limo bus from Tiffany Coachworks. It has been a great addition to the fleet and is becoming one of our most popular units."


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