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Posted on March 10, 2009

GOOD VS. BAD: Two newspaper articles were posted today on limousine operators that illustrate two sides of the coin. . .

About Town Limousine Service in Delaware benefited from a positive story about starting up with a dark blue stretch Lincoln and now, 20 years later, building a solid family-owned business that donates to local charities. The other story is titled, "Cocaine-Dealing Limousine Boss is Warned to Expect Prison."  Famous clients are mentioned in the story about the UK-based operator on trial for drug possession and dealing. The two stories highlight the challenge faced by industry leaders and associations: building a strong, positive image and identity and moving beyond the negative images from years ago. This means getting the word out to media on successful operators with loyal, well trained staff, excellent customer relations, community service and charitable contributions, and innovative marketing and service delivery. It also points out the need for strong relationships with lawmakers, airport administrators, and regulatory agencies that want to wash out illegal operators and stabilize ground transportation. Elected officials and bureaucrats very much wish to avoid negative press, and the chauffeured transportation industry can help them solve the problem.  -- Jon LeSage

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