Big Labor Ready To Screw You

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Posted on March 4, 2009

EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT? Call it the LAZY LABOR THEFT ACT. As if porky so-called stimulus, higher taxes, crippled corporations, and anti-capitalism weren't enough. Now the labor minions of the Democratic Party appear to be readying some of the most destructive anti-business legislation since the Depression-era Smoot-Hawley Tarriff of the 1930s. . .

The EFCA, also known as "Card Check," is reviled by a majority of American businesses and private sector workers, surveys show. The deceptively titled act would seriously damage the free-market flexibility and operational costs of chauffeured transportation companies nationwide. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers an accurate explainer of the EFCA.

Below is an excerpt from a pro-labor blog that informs its readers of the latest developments on this front. (Labor and its political sympathizers as well as pro-labor shills in the media know this legislation is unpopular, so don't expect to see much skeptical and analytical coverage of the fallout from this anti-democratic legislation). -- M.R.

NOTE: LCT Magazine will have coverage of labor consultant Bradley Moss' presentation at the ILCT Show in the April issue.

"On Monday, March 9th Congressman George Miller and Senator Ted Kennedy are expected to introduce the Employee Free Choice Act into the House of Representatives.
While no official word has been released yet inside sources attending the AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting in Miami with Labor Secretary Solis and Vice President Biden have assured me the introduction of the Employee Free Choice Act next Monday is a great possibility.
The reason for the early release is to preempt the continued lies by Opposition Groups like The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, their public relation firm Navigators Global and Republican Senators.
The other reason is because both labor, Congressman George Miller and Senator Ted Kennedy believe we have the 60 votes needed to get it passed in the Senate.
This is the first step in the long fight to make the Employee Free Choice Act the law in this country. We have a lot of work to do, including convincing Republican Senators that the Employee Free Choice Act is good for workers, our communities and critical to rebuilding our economy because it opens the door for us to earn better wages, health care and retirement benefits by signing a card to join a union."


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  • Mark Steven Wardrip

     | about 10 years ago

    Labor unions decreasing in membership is a good thing. It simply means they are no longer necessary. Enough labor laws are in place to protect the average worker. Over-regulation becomes the problem and then exacerbated by unrealistic demands from overzealous labor unions. I would rather see a worker who feels slighted, go to the EEOC or the Dept. of Labor, than see them complain to a union steward. Too much hard earned corporate cash goes to undeserving unions. The system would work better without the blight of unions tipping the scales just because they have the political pull to do so.

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