Linda Moore's Debate: OK to Farm Out Farms?

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Posted on March 3, 2009
Topic: Farming Farms
Where do you stand on farming farms? Most affiliate agreements state that you cannot farm farms. What happens, though, when you find out the company you used farmed your work? Do you continue to use them? What are the insurance ramifications of farming a farm? If an affiliate company farms your work and you don’t know about it, who is liable if there is an accident by the company they farmed it to with your client in the car?
Some companies have the theory that it shouldn’t matter as long as you get it covered with comparable service and the passenger isn’t able to tell the difference. Do you agree with this? Do you ask what farming policies are of the affiliate you use before you use them? Do you have a penalty in your contract if you catch them doing this? -- Linda Moore
Your feedback and insights appreciated. . .  

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  • AmondoSapiro

     | about 10 years ago

    NO,NO,NO, NEVER UNLESS YOU CAN NOT DO IT AND THE AFFILIATE GIVES YOU THAT AUTHORIZATION TO DO SO BUT BE (HONEST) And up front . In most cities a decent affiliate network even if a small one have a basckup affiliate. But most of the services think if I say no they will use them first but if you farm it out without permission and it gets messed up then you are responsible but is they farm it to the back UP AND IT GETS MESSED UP THEY HAVE THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY NOT YOU. WE HERE AT M&L INT'L DO APPROX 40 OUT OF STATE RESERVATIONS A DAY LEGIT NO LIE LIKE MOST OF OUR COMPETITION. THEY THINK BY buffing the number of reservations. THEN THEY LOOK GOOD (NOT) There are times when a last minute comes in and you want to accomodate a client you will allow your main affiliate to farm it, But you should be notified as well. and get the i/o/o cell number and he should represent the booking company As well. no matter what... your main affiliate has this responsibility to make sure.Amondo SapiroM&L INT'Lv.p. of operations (WORLDWIDE SERVICES DIVISION)

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