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Posted on March 3, 2009
GOOD INFO SOURCE: If you're looking for a useful info/news source on the web for tracking what's happening with business green programs visit It's been around for years and is a warehouse of information on green trends: news, features, blogs, operations, marketing, energy, resources, and other topics. Of particular interest for you might be State of Green Business 2009, which can be downloaded for free. GreenBiz and Environmental Leader are worth your time for staying up to speed on corporate and government sustainability trends. 

On the subject, LCT Magazine has just posted three articles from its first ever green issue that you can click through and read:
Greening Motorcoaches -- what's happening with charter and tour industry green programs.
Hurry, Hurry? It's Time to Go Green? -- going green four ways: reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle
Can You Go Green and Survive? -- appling sustainability initiatives to secure corporate and group business.
-- J.L.

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