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Posted on February 27, 2009

 Click here to read it, and it begins in page 2. It's been a huge experience for LCT editors to learn much about the bus industry; chauffeured transportation operators have been extremely helpful in recent years and mini-coach and motorcoach usage increased dramatically. We're also learning quite a lot from bus operators and industry associations, especially the American Bus Associaton. When asked why we changed the name and focus to Limousine, Charter & Tour, I said in the interview:

"Recently people changed their questions from, 'Get a motorcoach, why? Are you crazy?' to, 'How do I get a motorcoach, how do I comply with federal regulations, what do I do now to get into the charter and tour bus segment?' So the operators are now
focusing on bringing the chauffeured transportation business model to motorcoaches in the form of luxury transportation."

And I said: "Your driver is the service experience. That is the case whether it’s a limo or motorcoach. Driver quality can make or break you. People expect more from luxury services, and that begins with the driver approaching any problem that arises as an opportunity to provide superior customer service, which reinforces client loyalty."  -- J.L.

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