Buses Ok, Limos Not for High Schoolers

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 23, 2009
PROM BUS: Palo Alto High School in California's bay area has decided that stretch limos are not okay for the prom, but buses will provide the transportation. School administrators say that limos are too expensive and buses are more practical. Students are disappointed in missing out on limo rides and think of buses negatively (who wants to ride a school bus?). What about providing limo buses or minicoaches for the prom? Would this comply with the new school rules? This would offer more affordable per passenger trip costs and provide loads of luxury, comfort, and yearbook photo opps.  -- J.L. 

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  • jb

     | about 10 years ago

    yes cant wait for this to unfold and now it may be the time for them to to pay the drivers who are on there clock to be paid and for them to pay the overtime we drivers do we clean the carrs we pay for the cars to be cleaned and we vacume the car and we give the cars tlc so why not the pay to go with it i had to buy my own ice and had to buy my own nampkins and pay for own car washes and a charter fee and a radio use to work for a companey here in reno so yea it is fair to see the them pay the piper thanks de reno

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