Hey, Hollyweird! Prius Is Not a Limo!

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 20, 2009

FEDERAL JUDGES RULE: There you have it; a panel of FEDERAL! judges in Tampa have ruled that a Prius is not a limo. We hope this case sets a precedent nationwide, and delegitimizes the mousy little Prius as both a limousine and a livery vehicle. Using a skimpy Prius instead of a Town Car is like substituting a scrap of tofu for Prime Rib.

If we're going to consider the Prius for a limo, then, what the hell? Why not an xBox or a Matrix for a hearse, with the coffin sticking out?

We at LCT must admit that we get excited about the Oscars; NO, not because of the gaudy designer dresses, but because of all the LIVERY finery on display.

What really amuses us is the celebrity Prius shuffle; show up in the little Eg(g)o mobile, and then leave out the back door after the ceremony in some big black SUV, sedan, or stretch limo to the parties. Amid all the politically correct green posturing and stage drama, we're glad to see the sleek, big, black, luxury vehicles still command the back office and the box office. -- M.R.

(Pictured is starlet Jessica Alba getting pulled over in her Prius because she tinted the windows beyond the legal limit to hide out from the Pooparazzi. Oh, the hazards of the Prius lifestyle!)

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  • Martin Romjue

     | about 10 years ago

    My goodness, what a frothy green lather! It's enough to wash a Prius. My criticism of the Prius is that its size disqualifies it as a luxury chauffeured vehicle, regardless of the nuances of a judge's ruling. I would say the same thing about an xBox or a Corolla. Of course, the free market reigns; anyone can offer any legal vehicle for rent, and everyone can hire them. But don't "pose" the Prius as a luxury vehicle. Ridiculous. Operators can rent out tandem scooters for all I care in the name of meeting market demand, but I'm still not going to drink the suckers' Kool-aid and call it luxury chauffeured transportation. There ARE luxury green vehicles out there, such as the Escalade Hybrid and the Mercedes R320, and we at LCT love them. The Prius is fine as a consumer, retail-level vehicle. If there were a longer, wider "Prius," then this whole kerfuffle wouldn't be necessary. Oh, wait. That would be a Lexus. An actual luxury vehicle. Get it, now?

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