Why Is THIS Happening?

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 18, 2009
MACRO BLAME: The chauffeured transportation industry may occupy only a small sliver, or niche, of the overall private sector, but what happens among industry behemoths, such as banks, automakers, and financial institutions, often directly affects the fortunes of everyone from operators/owners to chauffeur/entrepreneurs. So it's important to maintain an accurate perspective of WHY the domestic and global economies are oozing away faster than a California mudslide. It also helps to point fingers at WHO AND WHAT CAUSED THIS. -- M.R.  

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  • John Genoveve

     | about 11 years ago

    Americans caused this by purchasing vehicles from Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai. Over 20 years ago we gave away the furniture industry, manufacturing, & electronics to foreign interests. Unfortunately America in the last 10 years have forgotten that we live in the United states ....not Japan.Why ask the question if you know thw answer.

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