Time for Discounts

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 12, 2009
OFFERING DEALS: Best Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation has been promoting a special discount program in an email blast: "Start this New Year out the Best way: Save 20.09% on our professional chauffeured transportation services." This type of discount program is something LCT is hearing about from several operators -- offer discounts or lose the business. This is happening in corporate contracts and retail business. It's better to cut rates than not get the business at all.  -- J.L.

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  • Frrank Cicero

     | about 10 years ago

    A dicount in price is a discount in service and clients interested in price is not a solid platform to keep your company afloat.This recession or depression that we are in will not allow you to continue on this coarse, due to rapid infation and cost of living standards.If you are a company that employs part time chauffeurs because they are semi retired or have a primary job,maybe it is a viable option.Within the next five years full time chauffeurs will have a challening time earning a decent living because most companies do not adjust their rates and graduity policies to address this issue.Futhermore companies that practice the art of dodging labor laws as a reasonable option to cut overhead will find themsevles without quality chauffeurs, guaranteed. Mom and Pop operators focus your attention on service and let the "volume pumpers" discount their services and take the hit.The kind of hit that a large company can take is a hit that will knock a mom and poper down.

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