Ford Launching Electric Van in 2010

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Posted on February 11, 2009
GREEN NEWS: Ford announced it will be putting out a battery-electric powered version of its Transit Connect commercial vehicle in 2010. Ford is working with Smith Electric Vehicles, a battery electric commercial vehicle upfitter, to bring the vehicle to market in North America. Is this a passenger vehicle or cargo van? Not clear yet. Click here to see the photo.

In other green news, Peterson Institute for International Economics and the World Resources Institute have issued a report on the economic impact of green products/services on the economy, including creation of jobs. As the recession unfolds, it appears that a chunk of jobs will go away and another will be created -- green companies being one of them. Perhaps these companies will need transportation services. And will global travel also grow and be an important market segment for chauffeured transportation operators? We shall see.  -- J.L.

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