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LCT Magazine
Posted on February 10, 2009

LIMO IT UP, SURVIVORS: The latest post-Show figures from LCT Magazine reveal more than 2,300 attendees registered for the 2009 International LCT Show held Jan. 26-28 in Las Vegas. 62% pre-registered, while 38% pleasantly surprised us on the spot. Attendees hailed from 47 states and 28 nations.

As a staff, we couldn't be more thrilled with such solid turnout. Yes, it's down compared to last year. But then there has been an economic and political sea change since then, and given a media-fueled Depressionesque debacle, such turnout at our show should be considered phenomenal. The ILCT Show also hosted 94 exhibitors on 100,000 square feet of trade show floor space. What's more, consider that the 2,300 registrants come from an overall smaller pool of industry participants than what existed in March 2008. It goes without saying that there has been at least a nominal contraction in chauffeured transportation. So once LCT Magazine gets the latest nationwide operator total from our Fact Book survey, we'll know the true ratio of success.  

Best of All: LCT proves once again that its content and trade show franchise is the dominant, unparalleled player in the chauffeured transportation industry worldwide. For us, that's sure easy to digest. -- M.R.


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