An Operator's Nightmare

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 6, 2009

PAINFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE LESSON: What is the worst possible fiasco for a limousine company, other than an accident involving one of its livery vehicles? This story should send a shiver through every operator. The New York limousine company humiliated in the article has learned the ferocious consequences of poor, careless customer service, and worse, the failure to adequately remedy it. YOU CAN NOT do this at any time, and especially in a recession. In the age of the Internet, negative media publicity will damage your operations and create lasting impressions. That's why it's also important to attend LCT Shows and seminars; it's like an extra insurance policy against business moronics. 

One quibble with the article: When interacting with the media, operators need to stress the importance of using the term CHAUFFEUR, not "limo driver." Big difference. Most reporters don't automatically understand the difference.-- M.R.

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