Mercedes Stretching E-Class

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 6, 2009
LIMO TEST: Mercedes-Benz is testing out a stretched version of its E-Class passenger car. Car analysts believe it's the basis for an upcoming long-wheelbase version. An all-new E-Class was shown off last month at the Detroit Auto Show, and this stretch version test run will become part of upcoming product offerings. The long-wheelbase E-Class will probably have access to upper-end V8 engines and diesel V8s generating up to 354hp, found in the E500. A V6 hybrid powertrain similar to the one featured in the S400 hybrid might also make its way to the market.  -- J.L.

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  • Robert Ironmonger

     | about 10 years ago

    We are considering purchasing a fleet of Mercedes-Benz limousines for use in Asia. They must be right hand drive. Can you provide the company and contacts for the builders of these.

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