Anyone Wanna Warm The Earth?

LCT Magazine
Posted on February 4, 2009

SUSTAINABILITY BALANCE: Please click on this map, and see if you can find the global warming. Maybe all those carbon offsets have worked already? Most of the nation will freeze tonight. Bet those folks in Kentucky who've been without power for most of the week would love to overnight in a greenhouse. Even us LCTers in humble Southern California will be dipping down to 54 degrees -- the warmest spot on the U.S. 48 tonight.

This colder than usual winter makes one want to warm up the SUV for 10 mintues, drive out to a log cabin in the snowy countryside, turn on some kerosene lamps, ignite the fireplace, and smoke a cigar with the brandy. I wonder if all the carbon could be credited toward the stimulus package. The more carbon we emit, the more green jobs we need to offset it. -- M.R.

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  • Ian Lipton

     | about 11 years ago

    Climate change and weather patterns are two separate and distinct phenomena. The data that measure weather patterns, which is what you are referring to, occur over short periods (months or years). Climate change measurements, on the other hand, take place over decades. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that the mean temperature across the planet has been dramatically increasing over the past hundred years, despite some temporary short-term changes in weather patterns.-Ian Lipton, Chief Operating Officer, Green Ride Global

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