Day One at LCT Show

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 26, 2009
VEGAS BABY: Less people are in attendance than last year, but for the ones who showed up, they're serious about doing business. There are less operators here, but the exhibit hall is packed with coachbuilders, buses, tech services, insurance, finance, etc. And for the operators in attendance, there's a lot of networking and serious discussions about what's going on in their market. Except for rare exceptions, the operators that we've talked to are down 30% to 40% in revenue right now, and some down about 50%. This all hit the fan in late November/early December. Scott Solombrino gave his usual dark and serious economic warnings and motivational tips during his keynote speech. For the operators and suppliers in attendance, the mood is mainly upbeat and positive. They're glad to see each other and have a lot of hope that their businesses will make it through this dark time. In other news, Ron Sorci, CFO of Aventura Worldwide, was elected president of the NLA, and Richard Kane is taking on the first vice president role.  -- J.L.

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