Who Cares About Global Warming?

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 23, 2009
NOT MUCH OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC: A painful recession serves as what the political left likes to call a teachable moment, and the political right, a clarifying moment. Such is the case with global warming, which in the latest survey, ranks dead last among the concerns of Americans. Indeed, talk of immiment Venus-like heat while the nation suffers a deep freeze in a protacted recession will not warm the wallets toward carbon offsets, credits, taxes, and other gimmicky granola doo-dads. In fact, one legendary British environmentalist now slams carbon trading. Which once again underscores our point: If going green involves extra taxes, fees, and hassles, then it's not worth it and doesn't pass the test. Green initiatives and alternative fuel vehicles must follow the same rules as other products and services vying in the free market: They must be economically self-sustainable. -- M.R.

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