International LCT Show Sees Surge

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Posted on January 16, 2009

FACTS & RUMORS: The editors and event staff at LCT are practically breathless with amusement over industry rumors about how our show is tanking, cratering, plummeting -- just fill in your hysterical verb -- because of the recessionary economy. So far, we've heard such whoppers as "Only 400 people are coming and Krystal has pulled out!" or "I hear people are bailing right and left!" or "The show is being cut back!" Well, how about, "Limos are falling from the sky and landing on the Venetian!" (OK, we made that last one up).

OH, PLEASE. Enough, now. These industry moronics must stop. We're seeing a belated uptick, or SURGE, in registrations that should yield a respectable, if not outright successful, turnout considering the bleak and challenging global economic circumstances. Bottom line: This show will lack nothing.

FACT: We're rapidly approaching 100 exhibitors/suppliers

FACT: All major coachbuilders and livery vehicle makers will be there

FACT:  About 40% of attendees register on site and/or same day.

FACT: Networking events, educational sessions, trade show floor hours, amenities -- all the same or better as last year

FACT: January shows get later registrations because so many people procrastinate until after the holidays

FACT: Our Show is sandwiched between the Presidential Inauguration and the Super Bowl

FACT: Wanna survive the recession? Better hitch your star to the strong horse: LCT & ILCT.

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