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Posted on January 15, 2009

SOME GOOD NEWS: Two recent developments on the energy front should leave the chauffeured transportation industry with plenty of hope, both for the viability of gas-engine vehicles and the demise of fraud-fuel, excuse us, flex-fuel vehicles.

1) It appears the good-ole gas engine just keeps getting cleaner and more efficient, as it has steadily since the days of the Model T. With the latest advances in technology, and ones yet to come, gas engines eventually could challenge the hybrids in terms of energy- and eco-efficiences. Read about it here.

2) As corn prices rise, the ethanol industry is getting squeezed, with producers hurting financially and closing factories. We hope the latest free market fluctuations trigger the grisly implosion of this unprofitable, govenrment-babied energy venture that should have never been started. Ethanol is useless. It requires as much carbon to create it as it supposedly saves, it's hard to find, the industry can't make a profit on its own, and ethanolholics take affordable foodstuffs out of people's mouths. Not to mention the carnage to our croplands. We hope the final book on E-85 will be written with Chapters 7, 11, and 13. Read about it here. -- M.R.

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