Protecting Chauffeurs & Vehicles

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 13, 2009
BAD CUSTOMERS: I am sick and tired of reading news stories about chauffeurs being robbed or hijacked by criminals fleeing bank robberies, or being crashed into by a drunk driver, or some other wrongdoing. There's no way to protect them from everything bad that can happen, but practical operators do what they can to hire the right chauffeurs, train them constantly, track them with GPS, communicate through hand-helds, dispatch them effectively, and move them away from weather disasters, traffic tie ups, and other calamities. Yet there's no way of making them 100% safe, even if they learned martial arts or carried a gun. Limousines and chauffeurs get a lot of attention out there: they represent wealth, glamor, and opportunities for good guys and bad guys.  -- J.L.

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