FYI: Developments in Lincoln-Land

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 13, 2009

NEW MKS: While Ford Motor Co. remains mum on the successor to its famous Lincoln Town Car, due to expire after the 2010 model year, we can't help but note with interest this development.

Now Ford has repeatedly said the MKS will not succeed the Town Car, but then again. . . luxury vehicle, plus green technology, plus V-8 performance? Is something walking and talking like a Town Car?

In any case, there is still considerable doubt as to whether the MKS will succeed the Town Car. We happened to be walking by a black MKS in a parking lot and noticed the legroom is considerably less than that of an Executive L. Even stretched six inches, it would appear less. Hopefully, Ford ends the suspense soon and unveils a livery vehicle destined to secure its longstanding market share. -- M.R.

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