Meetings, Meetings... and Less Meetings

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 12, 2009
MEETING FORECAST: While corporate meetings had three strong years across the globe, by late 2008 they were down an estimated 8% and are expected to drop 7% this year. Per meeting attendance is expected to go up, but the number of meetings will go down, according to Meeting Professionals International and AmEx. Providing buses, vans, and SUVs for corporate meetings and events has been a great source of business for operators, and many have been active in local MPI chapters. Starting in late 2008, corporate travel dropped quite a bit, and this included meetings and group travel. Corporate and organization meetings have grown in recent years, and need more travel services such as ground transportation. Meetings and events are going to come back, but like all other industries, the recession has taken its toll for now. -- J.L.

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