State Green Regulations Increasing

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 9, 2009
EAST COAST UPDATE: Eleven Northeastern states are discussing a "Low Carbon Fuel Standard" aimed at carbon reduction in vehicles and buildings: Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. These states "hope that the new standard will push companies to develop cleaner fuels and related technology in order to comply with the standard," according to the AP. And in December, California adopted a similar plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. These regulatory issues are still being pushed in many states regardless of the economic recession. This is why Green Ride Global, Limousine Environmental Action Partners, and LimoGreen have become important to chauffeured transportation operators. Corporate travel program requirements and public interest have also motivated operators in all ground transportation sectors to go green and tell their stories.  -- J.L.

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