Travelers Expect Service Providers to Go Green

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 8, 2009
GREEN STEWARDS: About 85% of travelers consider themselves environmentally conscious but expect travel service providers to be "good stewards" of the environment in which they operate, according to a recent YPartnership survey. This means that travelers don't want to pay more or make sacrifices for green causes, but expect travel companies to do that for them. This would include ground transportation companies. This linked article from Environmental Leader lays out some of the problems travel service companies are having while being good green stewards, such as participating in carbon offset programs. Carbon offset allows a company to trade carbon emission credits with another company instead of reducing its own emissions. Carbon reduction is a real solution being integrated and practiced today by many transporation companies. So, a pragmatic strategy for operators might be to carefully track CO2 emission reductions and get the word out to customers, media, and the local community. You'll be considered a good steward.  -- J.L.

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