Bet On The Jet Set

LCT Magazine
Posted on January 6, 2009

LIMO DESTINATIONS: While private jet travel may be taking an economic hit like everything else, this article at least shows signs of consistent demand among wealthy travelers. Upscalers may be cutting back on luxuries because it's fashionable, or they're afraid of what lessers might think. We say, don't be shy. If you are rich enough to worry about what others might think or say about you, then you'll be resented and envied whether times are good or bad. So enjoy, spend, rent a limousine, show everyone you know how to arrive even when the masses are stuck. We at LCT have no adimiration for those who can afford limos but avoid them becasue they want to seem, um, humble and sensitive. There's nothing more patronizing than a fake slummer.  -- M.R.

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