2009: Almost Nice To Meet You

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Posted on January 5, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Happy may not be the best buzzword for the new year given the worsening economic picture, but then aren't most people happy on a roller-coaster? At least the gas prices, hotel rates, airline tickets, and restaurant meal deals are spiraling down, down, down.  The trick is to not let it all deflate you. Thinking optimistically, if it gets really cheap to do overnight travel and lodging, suppose remaining travelers will see chauffeured vehicles as relatively affordable? What better way to take the edge off a shared room at the Motel 6 and a meal deal at Subway than a chauffeured vehicle ride to and from the Southwest terminal?

So in the general spirit of volatility and financial lurches, we'll start the New Year off with some inflammatory findings and remarks. This could actually save the chauffeured transportation industry some money and needless fretting: Don't let the global warmistas frost your day.  Our New Year's wish for this industry is a rational, informed, factual, skeptical, science-based discussion on global warming and exactly what approaches to the issue work. The financial and business stakes are tremendous, given the potential for costly and cumbersome regulations. There's nothing like speaking truth to power.  -- M.R.

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