Santa To LCT: Take A Blog Break

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 19, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, & HAPPY NEW YEAR: Happy Holidays is so unsatisfying; which holidays are we supposed to be happy about? Christmas? Memorial Day? Arbor Day?

LCT Magazine wishes everyone the seasonal Christmas greeting of choice as we take a break from LimoCentric. We'll be back on Monday, Jan. 5, refreshed and reinvigorated for 2009 with stockings full of blog posts.

LCT Magazine looks forward to big changes and plans next year. The year kicks off with the central global event in chauffeured transportation: The 2009 International LCT Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 26-28. Register now. If you wait until after the New Year, well, we still want you to attend, so holiday procrastination can be excused. May Santa arrive in a limo. . .

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