BRRRRR: The Long Green View

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 19, 2008
INQUIRING MINDS: A second meterologist at CNN has questioned the green authorities by pointing out how mankind cannot change the weather, which is the old-school term for day to day climate changes. It appears the earth was much warmer in the 13th Century, and much colder in the 18th Century, yet human progress and adaptation were not derailed. For chauffeured transportation operators, understanding the macro-environmental and economic picture is critical to maknig the micro-decisions on what green vehicles to buy and when; whether to retain green-oriented consultants; and whether counting little carbon credits is a worthwile pursuit of one's valuable vocational time. Buying green vehicles should serve only two key purposes for operators: 1) Save money and make money, both through fuel savings and the good PR that lands clients; 2) Clean up our air. One question we have, though, is if the earth is indeed entering a cooling cycle, will the market for carbon credits be the next bubble to collapse? -- M.R.

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