Bio Bentleys

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 19, 2008
UNAFFORDABLE, IMPRACTICAL LUXURY: We don't know of any operators who rent out a Bentley -- yet -- but even the highest of the high end is going bio-chic, as in ethanol and other fuels made from our food supply. We at LCT have an overt hostility to bio-fuels. The spectre of rich clients and royal families floating along in Bentleys supplied by the foodstuffs of lesser mortals really rubs us raw. This auto green blog makes a good point about clean diesel as a more sensible option. Mercedes ( has hit upon the right formual of clean diesel and low-emissions with its Mercedes R-320 BlueTec model, new for 2009. This ideal vehicle for livery will be reviewed in the March issue of LCT Magazine. -- M.R.

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