Jan. 20: Kick-Start For Limousines?

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 8, 2008

DC LIMO OPPS: Operators in the Washington, D.C. metro area are set to reap revenues from the once-in-a-four years inaugural festivities. We HOPE that the chauffeured bonanza described below will foreshadow the results of economic CHANGE that will restart the economy with AUDACITY and boost the fortunes of chauffeured transportation. Well, we can at least DREAM. -- M.R.

From The Washington Post: Limousines are being booked, and hairdressers and aestheticians are being reserved at a pace they've never seen. "It's as if we're not even in a recession," said Lena Tali, owner of Blackberry Limousines in Sterling, Va., which is renting a "Hummer package" for $1,700 a day, a 10-passenger limousine for $1,400 and a Mercedes S500 package for $1,200 -- fuel, taxes and gratuities included. "I'm sure we'll be booked up for the five days. I've got people calling me from all over, even out of state. They aren't even worried about the prices, because they know it won't be cheap."

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