What's Selling In A Recession?

LCT Magazine
Posted on December 8, 2008
PARADIGM SHIFT? After a painful bout of hyper-inflation for gas this year, the ensuing credit collapse, and the dunking of the Detroit 3, we very likely will see a permanent shift in vehicle preferences. The three factors just mentioned only strengthen the market for greener vehicles -- luxury and everything else. More evidence here. -- M.R.

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  • Kurt von Strasser, LimoLive24.co

     | about 11 years ago

    Since we provide limo call center / front office services for many limousine operators across the USA, we have been taking a good look at changes in fleets. The funny thing? While some limo companies seem to be adding a few hybrid vehicles, it is NOT the overwhelming shift I would have guessed given our latest lesson in gasoline price volatility. There seems to be a lot of regional influence on what vehicles limo companies choose to have in their fleets. Companies serving the Hollywood crowd and our "northern solcialist state" of San Francisco have definitely seen the green light. But in industrial and corporate mecas, the town car still reigns supreme, probably driven (no pun intended) by market needs. We have seen a shift where impact from the overall economic melt-down has in many cases, reduced fleet size. With our answering service / call center members, it seems as though many limo companies have downsized their fleets by 20% or more and its making the shift to green vehicles that much harder to accomplish given the costs of adding to a fleet right now.Kurt von Strasserwww.LimoLive24.comYour Limo Company's Personalized Front Office To The World

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