Green Gremlins

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Posted on December 5, 2008

COOL FACTOR: "But, but global warming is still happening! Cold means warm! No means yes! Onward green soldiers!"

REPORT HERE. Well now, what is not acknowledged enough is the growing dissent among reputable climatologists who question either the severity or effects of man-made global warming. In other words, the man-made part could be but a tiny, marginal sliver of overall warming caused by that big bad solar warmer in the sky called the Sun. So as transportation and industries worldwide commence with saving the planet with anti-warming measures, some levity is badly needed. 

The rationale for our green goals should center on reducing our dependence on foreign oil and cleaning up the air we breathe. Such noble purposes are worthwhile and logical, and therefore will lead to more rational spending and sensible economic and energy policies. Going green needs to be pursued in an atmosphere, or climate, sans carbon taxes and convoluted hysteria.

Ever notice how Al Gore has more than once given stern global warming speeches on days of record cold temperatures? -- M.R. 

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  • Kurt von Strasser,

     | about 11 years ago

    Well there is no doubt that there is viable argument on both sides of the global warming camp. Nothing is yet certain. Many are coming to acknowledge that the sun may be the real influence on the climate. That said, as a provider of answering services and front office reservation services to a large cross-section of limo companies, it is interesting to talk to limo company operators and get their take. Overall I think most agree with your rationale for green goals: reduce our dependence on foreign oil, make a better, less polluted world for our kids and, lest we forget that all limo companies have a profit motive (or they go the way of the do-do bird), less exposure to fuel price shocks. Many of us talking together have the same concerns, and there just don't seem to be a lot of alternatives, even for sedan services. That Town Car is still in demand by an overwhelming percentage of customers. We have talked about some alternatives and many are trying some of the new luxury sedans offered by the foreign providers. It certainly appears like the BIG 3 (2, or 1?) are going to take some more time to get whatever they are working on to the markets. If we can start seeing some competitively priced hybrids in the larger body styles (giving us room for 3 and luggage) I know many limo operators that would try them out in a heartbeat. We need some alternatives that make sense so we can select those that meet green goals, whether its climate change or just being kind to our planet and kids!Kurt von Strasserwww.LimoLive24.comYour Limo Front Office To The World

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